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Send more back home with Manila Express.

We constantly strive to provide easy, fast, and affordable money transfer options with competitive exchange rates to date. 

Remittance Options


Credit To Account

Real-time credit to the recipient's bank account- major or rural bank accounts accepted.

Delivery Timeframe: Same day to 2 banking days if rural bank

Service Fee: $10 to $12 CAD


Cash Pick-Up

Peso or USD funds will be ready for pick up at our Makati office or at 15,000 of our partners' pick-up centers.

Delivery Timeframe: Same day 

Service Fee: $12 CAD


Door to Door Delivery

Cash or Cheque delivery to the recipient's doorstep. Same to next day delivery for Metro Manila and nearby provinces, 2-3 days for far North Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Delivery Timeframe: 2 to 5 business days depending on location

Service Fee: $10 to $12 CAD


Cash Card Loading

Load an ATM Visa Cash Card which can be used in 17,000 ATM terminals nationwide.

Delivery Timeframe: Same day 

Service Fee: $6 CAD


Bills Payment

On-time payment of monthly bills for government, utility, and many other merchants in the Philippines.

Delivery Timeframe: Same day 

Service Fee: $10 CAD


Gift Delivery

Groceries, appliances, and other essentials or celebratory meal packages delivered fresh to the recipient's doorstep available for any occasion.

Delivery Timeframe: 3-5 business days depending on the package

Service Fee: $2.50 CAD

Sending Money with Manila Express

Accomplish and submit our Customer Information Sheet (CIS) with a valid ID.

*CIS may be downloaded below.

1. Register as a New Customer


Receive confirmation of successful registration through our branch or through email once reviewed by our team.

2. Receive confirmation


Remit instantly and securely from Canada to the Philippines!

3. Start sending money




Send your remittance instructions the way you prefer.

We offer different ways of sending your transactions without compromising service.

Branch Transaction

Simply visit or call your Manila Express branch and our branch staff will process the remittance transaction in front of you.

How it works:

Step 1: Walk-in or call the branch and relay your remittance instruction.

Note: Cash, cheque, debit and credit card payments are all accepted in our branches.

Step 2: We process and send your instruction to our Manila office.

Step 3: Receive your receipt and track your remittance.

Interac e-Transfer

Remit with higher exchange rates only with e-Transfer! We offer 5 cents higher than branch exchange rates for e-Transfer transactions. Simply call our e-Transfer hotline and place your remittance instruction over the phone from wherever you are. 

How it works:

Step 1: Log into your bank's online banking portal. Go to your bank's "Payment & Transfers" section (or its equivalent) and select the Interac e-Transfer option.

Step 2: Indicate the details below on the following fields:

  • Email Address:

  • Name: Manila Express

  • Amount: Principal Remittance Amount + Service Fee with limit of $1,000 CAD including service charge. We will not accept and process transactions over $1,000 CAD.

  • Message: Beneficiary Name, Remittance Type (e.g.,Bank Deposit, Cash Pick-Up, etc.), Your email address registered in e-Transfer, Your name as registered in our branch.

Note: Auto-deposit is enabled for our  email address. If your financial institution is requesting a security question, the email address entered is not correct.

Step 3: Call our e-Transfer hotline at (604) 736-6184 and inform us about your transaction. Once processed, an e-receipt shall be issued to your email address.

If you are new to e-Transfer you may check this video for more information.

Downloadable Forms

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