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Connecting families and loved ones since 1985 and beyond,

Manila Express & Manila Cargo Express have been a trusted remittance and cargo company of OFWs in Canada since 1985.

Our Story.

Our Purpose.

Our Passion.


Manila Express & Manila Cargo Express is one of the leading Philippine money remittance and cargo companies in Canada.


For over three decades, we have been helping OFWs connect with their families back home through remittance and freight forwarding services. Our main thrust is to go beyond servicing their remittance needs - whatever it takes to support build, sustain, and transform their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones in the Philippines. We believe in endless possibilities for OFWs especially when it comes to feeling closer to home anytime and anywhere, wherever they may be.


Today, Manila Express & Manila Cargo Express continues to aspire to be a top-notch remittance company constantly offering a diversified range of services throughout Canada.  

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